3 Products for Reliable HVAC Building Automation Systems

Posted on Thursday Dec 08, 2022 at 01:30PM  

In an age of increasing complexity in HVAC technology, the most elegantly simple HVAC automation systems often emerge as the most reliable. As the digital transformation in engineering evolves, savvy engineers are more frequently specifying smart building sensors that seamlessly connect and integrate into the chosen HVAC building automation system to deliver real-time data and control. These sensors deliver the trifecta of building benefits:

  • Minimize system downtime
  • Streamline data acquisition
  • Increase HVAC efficiency

When these reliable sensors fully connect to a robust BAS, building managers gain usable insights and accelerated end-to-end compliance reporting, allowing them to excel. But not every HVAC sensor is alike. When exploring options, many buyers consider multiple factors, from versatility and reliability to the simplicity of connectivity, installation, precision accuracy, and even field replacement. Veris recently launched three series of indoor sensor products that overdeliver in all critical consideration categories beyond just reliability: TW2 Temperature Sensors, HW2 Humidity Sensors, and CW2 Air Quality Sensors.

Revolutionary TW2 Indoor Temperature Sensors with a Trio of User Interfaces

The versatile, simple-to-install TW2 Series of temperature sensors uses smart technology at various price points to deliver reliable results 24/7. The cutting-edge TW2 indoor temperature sensors require no calibration and offer three interface options: touchscreen, 3-button LCD, and blank. The TW2 Series is ultra-compatible—reliably connecting to virtually all BAS controllers. Moreover, every TW2 sensor, no matter the price point, features highly precise accuracy ratings and measurement resolutions, making the Series an ideal choice for every new commercial build.

Protection with HW2 Humidity Sensors for Sensitive Climate Environments

Failure isn’t an option in humidity-sensitive climate environments like museums and schools. This next generation of uber-reliable HW2 Series humidity sensors relies on even more intelligent technology and monitoring to deliver alerts at the first whiff of an issue so that field-replaceable units can minimize downtime. The HW2 Series delivers superior accuracy and sensitivity compared to its competitors and even offers a combined humidity and temperature sensor in a single device for even quicker installation. Like its counterparts, HW2 sensors are also available with touchscreen, 3-button LCD, or blank. In buildings where humidity management is the top priority, engineers often choose the most reliable and precise solution within the target price range.

Indoor Air Quality All-in-One CW2 Sensors Ensure Consistent, Compliant Results

An efficient way to seamlessly manage a building’s indoor air quality is with an all-in-one sensor platform that covers CO2, VOC, RH, and Temperature in a single unit. Efficient installation of these 4-in-1 sensors streamlines setup and ensures consistent, compliant results in targeted locations. While you may perceive that all-in-ones sacrifice quality, the CW2 Series of IAQ Sensors proves the opposite. Their impressive measurements and highly reliable accuracy ratings are second to none in the industry. These ratings and measurements are found in every CW2 Series sensor, whether it be a touchscreen, 3- button LCD, or blank face. Also, like the TW2 and HW2 Series, the CW2 Indoor Air Quality Sensors are highly compatible with most BAS controller systems, making integration a snap.

Are you ready to spec a reliable, accurate, easy-to-install, versatile temperature, humidity, or IAQ sensor? Find the ideal choice for your price point now.

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