6 Benefits of a Wall-Mount Humidity Sensor

Posted on Tuesday Oct 05, 2021 at 06:57PM  

We often think about temperature and CO2 levels when tracking indoor air quality, but humidity is equally important to track and control. In fact, for some environments, the relative humidity (RH) can have a significant impact on equipment lifespans or regulatory compliance with IAQ standards. Here are six major benefits of installing wall-mount humidity sensors from Veris within your facility.

Helps Maintain Sensitive Climate Environments

Many private and public buildings are heavily impacted by relative humidity levels. Museums, printing shops, laboratories, and other locations require careful humidity control to protect sensitive materials and equipment in their environments. Museums, schools, printing shops, and other locations requiring humidity control

Improved Comfort

For locations like public schools, office buildings, indoor animal habitats, and aquariums, humidity is critical to the comfort and health of large groups of people or animals. Wall-mount humidity sensors help you to calibrate and control HVAC systems for optimal comfort in the environment.

Energy Savings

Management of your HVAC systems include knowing when to turn them off. With wall humidity sensors, you can keep an accurate picture of the indoor climate and reduce the load on your climate control system when target RH levels are already stable. By only dialing up the system as needed, you’ll enjoy substantial energy savings in the long run.

ASHRAE Compliance

Don’t stress about compliance. Wall-mount humidity sensors give you the data you need to easily facilitate compliance with ASHRAE standards for environmental control and indoor air quality. Your RH setpoints should not be arbitrarily selected, and it will require accurate and customizable sensors that interface with your building control system to keep levels precise.

Field Replaceable

Downtime of any kind puts environments at risk and inconveniences your team. Minimize system downtime with field replaceable humidity sensors that are designed to be easy and fast to service or replace right where they’re installed. The fully interchangeable element in the HW2 wall-mount humidity sensors from Veris is accurate to within 1-2% and includes an NIST calibration certificate. No calibration is required on your part!

Compatible With Your Existing System

All Veris humidity sensors offer a flexible loadout that can be customized to suit your existing building control system. Our HW2 sensor platform is designed to facilitate 4 to 20mA, 0 to 5Vdc or 0 to 10Vdc outputs, as preferred. You’ll also have access to three interface options: touchscreen, three-button LCD, and blank face, so that you can select the sensors you need for the use case and environment in which you want them placed.

Veris Has You Covered

Take a closer look at our HW2 series of wall-mount humidity sensors on the product sheet or on our website, where you can browse through and purchase the exact feature combination you need. All of our humidity sensors are fitted to track both temperature and RH with incredible accuracy and reliability. Keep a close eye on the IAQ in your building for pre-emptive and responsive control.

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