6 Products That Can Help You Achieve Green Building Certification

Posted on Friday Dec 02, 2022 at 12:56PM  

Achieving green building certification is an important goal for most companies. Companies set goals for installing sustainable building systems to protect the environment, gain prestige for their brand, attract tenants, and stand out from their competition. Green buildings also save their owners money on their utility bills.

Here are six products that can help you score well on the LEED green building rating system and save money with a more energy-efficient HVAC system.

Energy Meters

LEED certification programs feature energy credits that earn corresponding points toward becoming LEED certified buildings. To earn the credits, the owner must prove that energy use conforms to specific efficiency requirements. Veris energy meters help building owners demonstrate that energy use meets the standards. The meters are installed easily in your existing electrical panels and network with your building control system.

Flow Meters

Water efficiency criteria make up a significant portion of LEED certification programs. To earn LEED water efficiency points, the building manager must demonstrate that its plumbing system can continuously measure water use. The program also requires that building managers compile summaries of water use.

Veris flow meters and monitors make fulfilling these requirements much more manageable. The monitors compile monthly use and store it for up to an additional month. Veris flow meters also help building managers determine baseline water use, which is another requirement for green building certification. The meters and monitors are durable and resistant to clogging.

Humidity sensors

LEED certification rules also require monitoring indoor air quality and using the ASHRAE Standard 55-2004 as a guideline. Buildings earn points based on the effectiveness of the humidity control design. Veris humidity sensors easily integrate into the building control systems and quickly respond when humidity levels rise.

Occupancy sensors

Another requirement for green building certification involves controlling lighting systems. Veris occupancy sensors help building managers comply with these requirements by using passive infrared and ultrasonic motion-sensing technologies to turn on lights only when someone is occupying the space. These occupancy sensors work particularly well in conference rooms, bathrooms, break rooms, classrooms, or other areas you don't use continuously. Building owners can see green energy savings by not lighting these spaces when they aren't used.

Temperature sensors

Temperature is an essential part of building comfort. However, you'll need a sustainable HVAC system to earn green building certification.

You can maintain a comfortable temperature within the building while still maintaining energy savings with your HVAC system by using Veris temperature sensors and thermostats. These sensors and thermostats provide information to the building energy management system in real-time so that the system can make adjustments without running the HVAC system unnecessarily.

The LEED system awards points based on the effectiveness of the temperature control system. Veris provides high-quality products that integrate easily into control systems and provide real-time information.

CO2 sensors

Traditional ventilation systems pull outside air into the building, which is heated or cooled to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. The appropriate ventilation rate is expressed in cubic feet per minute (CPM) and is calculated based on the CFM per person.

A more efficient process is Demand Control Ventilation, which uses C02 levels to determine ventilation adequacy. The C02 levels are measured in parts per million (ppm), with 600 being comfortable and 1,000 and over being unhealthy. Veris provides several types of C02 sensors that are easily incorporated into a DCV design. The sensors alert the system if CO2 levels are too high. Outdoor air only comes in through the ventilation system when necessary to lower C02 levels; otherwise, the vents are closed.

Ready to go green HVAC and green certified?

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