6 Valuable Insights Offered By a Power Monitoring Device

Posted on Wednesday Oct 05, 2022 at 10:49AM  

Your power monitoring system is a key source of data for operational efficiency, budget projections, accurate submetering, preventative maintenance, and more. There are insights to be gained from the monitoring of power, but also from current monitoring and energy usage (learn the difference here).

Keep a close eye on the outputs of your power monitoring devices to improve facility management in the following ways:

1. The Operational Status of All Mechanical Equipment

Put power monitoring devices in place to alert technicians and staff to equipment issues for a rapid response. Devices that detect no-load situations, overloads, or power outside of your set parameters can instantly notify maintenance personnel and protect your equipment by shutting it down. A careful eye on power and energy data also helps facility managers to anticipate maintenance issues before they worsen into costly equipment breakdowns, outages, and repairs or replacements. 

2. Forensics Behind Adverse Events

Energy consumption meters and power monitoring devices do more than track real-time outputs. Collected data allows you to construct a clear view of long-term trends and identify the root cause of adverse events with your equipment.

A current monitoring relay provides the insights you need for preventative maintenance or improvements in facility efficiency. Use relays to troubleshoot control wiring, detect risks to transformers, safeguard equipment from overloads, and detect and shut down pumps in no-load conditions to prevent burnouts.

3. Real-Time Meter Data Displays on the Web

Advanced DIN rail meters like the E71 Series from Veris empower you with feature-rich embedded web pages that display usage peaks and alarm status in real-time. Maintain logs of all data for up to three years in 15-minute increments and access that data from anywhere for reliable compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 and total peace of mind.

4. Bidirectional Monitoring For Renewable Energy

Power doesn’t always flow only one way. Devices that include both upstream and downstream power flow monitoring are ideal for the renewable energy applications (e.g. solar panels, wind turbines) that are becoming more common in modern facilities. Track power in and power out to clarify your renewable energy metrics, net energy costs, or even to monitor loads that use regenerative braking.

5. Multi-Phase Electrical Loads for Accurate Sub-Billing

A multi-circuit power meter provides the tenant submetering insights you need to empower tenants with an accurate view of their energy use (encouraging reduced energy consumption). You’ll also have the data to break down multi-tenant electrical costs for billing purposes. Segmented energy output reports make it easy to generate individualized bills for each tenant with revenue-grade accuracy.

6. Consolidated Control of Entire Panelboards

A power monitoring device like a branch circuit meter makes it possible to monitor whole panelboards from a single device — one source of truth. This means not only cost-effective management of electrical loads, but total control of multiple dynamic loads (an application common to the data storage industry).

These are only a few of the valuable insights offered by a current monitoring device or energy consumption meter. Get in touch with Veris for more info and guidance on the ideal device for your application.

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