Easy-to-Find Documentation For Smart Building Sensors

Posted on Monday Dec 12, 2022 at 01:33PM  

Every engineer selecting sensors for HVAC building automation systems knows that successful job specifying is part science and part art. Aside from assessing the multitude of variables from price to reliability, these specifying sorcerers must ensure that the specs align with the requirements of the job. Unfortunately, with some vendors, that’s easier said than done.

Veris is different.

Prioritizing Product Specifications

Veris prioritizes data sheets and product specification resources to make it easy for customers and prospects to find the precise HVAC sensor or other HVAC automation product they need the first time. The easier it is for specifiers to find Veris HVAC automation specs, the quicker they see the:

  • breath of connectivity to virtually any BAS system
  • wide range of faceplate options
  • ease of installation and set-up
  • elite precision and accuracy of HVAC sensors
  • variety of thermistor types

In short, the sooner engineers find and review Veris specs, the quicker they choose Veris HVAC sensors.

Easy-access Datasheets with Must-have Technical Specs

When customers select a product from the Shop Products tab, they find all the specifications and details they need to know before placing an order. Major specs, like sensor measurement accuracy and communication specs like BACnet communication or Modbus can be found on the product detail webpage. The product’s webpage also summarizes essential features. Plus, the complete datasheet and installation guide are available as PDFs for download, all from that single product page. Making the specifications easily accessible with details downloadable makes it easier for buyers to quickly verify that the products align with the needs of their jobsite.

HVAC Automation Resources Expands Expertise

When specifying HVAC Building Automation Systems, sometimes a spec sheet isn’t enough. Engineers cannot be expected to know every nuance of evolving HVAC technology, but Veris does. Customers enjoy access to updated resources from ebooks on integrated HVAC Management & Control to guides on which environmental sensor to deploy.

Find additional resources, including LEED certification tables and tools, to white papers, right from the Resources & Support tab on the Veris home page. Knowledgeable customers making informed specification choices can be confident in their decision to choose Veris.

Making Every Interaction Easier

The precision of Veris HVAC automation systems and sensors is a microcosm of the Veris approach. Sensors are easy to install and replace because they best serve builders and end customers. Sensors overdeliver on precision and accuracy because they help customers better measure and monitor their buildings. Those same sensors connect to virtually all BAS choices because connectivity is critical to successful monitoring and easy reporting. Unsurprisingly, the Veris ordering system is straightforward and comprehensive, offering a multitude of choices in an easy-to-navigate presentation that includes all details needed to make informed decisions, including price, specifications, and even expected delivery.

Discover how easy it is to work with Veris

From product spec confirmation to installation, connection, and reordering, working with Veris is easy, especially when the products are reliable and are backed by a 5-year warranty on specifications. Explore the Veris difference for yourself. Shop Now.

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