Green HVAC Sensors From Veris Eliminate Unforeseen Project Costs

Posted on Tuesday Jan 10, 2023 at 10:15AM  


For both new construction and building upgrades or retrofits, it makes sense to use green HVAC sensors. Integrated into a Building Automation System (BAS) these sensors will help reduce energy and operating expenses. They'll also provide occupants with a high-quality living and working environment and can earn credits towards LEED certification.

As Project Managers know all too well, HVAC projects can easily go over budget. Choosing green HVAC sensors from Veris helps avoid this risk. Here's how.


Context: What HVAC Sensors Count as "Green"?

A "green" building has features, sensors, and control technologies that help reduce its environmental impact. In terms of green HVAC systems, this means minimizing energy and water consumption while providing a comfortable indoor environment. The resulting green energy savings generate a return on the initial investment and support towards a LEED certification.

"Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" (LEED) is a green building rating system. The LEED certification process awards credits for incorporating sensors that help meet these goals. Six products that can help in achieving certification are:

A further reason for using green sensors is to meet the requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). This requires benchmarking, which cannot be done without appropriate sensors and consumption meters.

Reasons For Unforeseen Project Costs

Estimating HVAC project costs is never easy. Drawings or schematics may be inaccurate, incomplete, or simply not available. Electrical and plumbing systems may lack capacity or be routed awkwardly, and ductwork may require unexpected modifications. As a result, it's common for the contractor to find more work is needed than was anticipated.

Sensors and meters themselves can also be a cause of unforeseen costs. This happens when documentation is poor and when installation is more complicated than was anticipated. Purchasing sensors and meters from multiple sources only compound these problems, resulting in delays and costs the installer/contractor may have to "eat".

How Veris Green Sensors Help With Project Cost Management

Veris offers an extensive range of green HVAC sensors that integrate with BASs and support LEED certification. These are designed for straightforward installation and come with comprehensive documentation that makes them easy to integrate and set up.

Further help comes from sales representatives and technical specialists who are available to help with any questions about selection, installation, or setup. Plus, with sensors for everything from CO2 levels to energy consumption, there's no need to go to multiple sources. This simplifies purchasing, and design standardization helps installers quickly become familiar with sensor connection, mounting, and use.

Using green HVAC sensors from Veris results in fewer project delays, higher schedule adherence, and easier purchasing. Buildings earn credits towards LEED certification, clients will be satisfied and cost overruns due to sensor deployment avoided. It will a win all around.

LEED Certified Buildings Need Veris Sensors

Building owners, managers, and tenants or residents all want lower utility bills and a comfortable working/living environment. When a building has a LEED certification it shows those needs were taken into account during the design phase, and that's achieved by implementing sensors that earn LEED credits.

Veris is an ISO 9001-certified business that's serious about helping clients solve their problems. Using green HVAC sensors from Veris in new construction and when upgrading or refurbishing provides the measurement capabilities LEED and EISA require. These sensors also help avoid unforeseen project costs through their ease of installation, design commonality, and comprehensive documentation. Plus, a very wide range means there's no need to buy from multiple sources, letting the procurement team focus on issues and opportunities elsewhere.

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