How to Monitor CO2 Levels with Veris Sensors

Posted on Monday Mar 28, 2022 at 04:23PM  

Accurate insights into indoor air quality (IAQ) are central to modern building management. CO2 levels in particular must be carefully monitored and controlled through CO2 sensors and ventilation systems. Poor circulation of indoor air can impact productivity, comfort, and even occupant health. 

However, over-ventilation can mean high energy costs that are unnecessary. The upgraded CW2 Series sensors from Veris give you everything you need to properly track and manage CO2 levels for a safe, compliant, and welcoming indoor environment.

Uses For Veris CW2 Sensors

As air quality sensors, the CW2 series can handle flexible responsibilities such as:

  • Tracking real-time air quality and CO2 data
  • Trending CO2 levels over time
  • Assessing air pollution within the structure
  • Evaluating ventilation system performance
  • Compliance with IAQ standards
  • Informing preventative equipment maintenance
  • Supporting organizational IAQ goals

Unlike temperatures and humidity, CO2 levels are more difficult for occupants to detect without specialized sensors. The precise and versatile CW2 Series CO2 sensors give you an easily scalable solution that’s also modular — they’ll track CO2, VOCs, carbon monoxide, and/or nitrogen oxide, according to your configuration, all in a single sensor platform.

Our Intuitive CO2 Sensor Interface

With three convenient interface options, CW2 sensors from Veris have a flexible loadout that suits the needs of your project. Choose from a high-detail color touchscreen, a standard segmented LCD display with efficient 3-button control, or a sleek non-display option for unobtrusive CO2 detection in any space that can still be accessed and controlled via your BMS.

The large display and clear output values on our touchscreen models give users an intuitive and visual menu to quickly navigate to the info and functions they need. You also have the freedom to customize the interface color scheme by selecting one of four attractive color palettes, based on your preference or room aesthetics.

Explore more simple and helpful functions of the CW2 touchscreen interface here.

Monitor CO2 With a Clear Warning Indicator

When you monitor CO2 levels with Veris CW2 series IAQ sensors, it’s easy to tell from a distance if you have a problem. One of the key requirements that we’re beginning to see in CO2 sensors is a clear visual indicator of CO2 levels. 

Veris touchscreen CO2 sensors have been equipped with a color-coded “stoplight” feature with green, yellow, and red status indicators. It is clear and obvious with a glance if your CO2 levels are approaching a problematic point or need to be immediately addressed — even at a distance where text or numerals may not be legible.

Contact Veris For More Info on How to Monitor CO2 Levels

We now offer convenient online meetings with Veris reps through our Virtual Meeting Scheduler. It’s now even easier to get the personalized support you need. This new approach helps you save time, conduct business digitally, and get back to work quickly with the information about CO2 sensors — or any of our other products — that you need.

We’re happy to talk with you about your project and recommend the perfect CO2 sensors for your needs and specifications. Simply book a virtual meeting and your Veris sales representative will do the rest.

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