Introducing a New and Improved Set of Room Sensors from Veris!

Posted on Wednesday Jul 15, 2020 at 04:01PM  


Since being founded in 1992, the Veris mission has been to provide the highest quality products for commercial HVAC and automation applications. As building needs continue to evolve and change, we are proud to announce the launch of our new Veris Room Sensors!

These new and improved products are an update to the existing CW Carbon Dioxide Sensors, HW/HT Humidity Sensors, and TW Temperature Sensors. The new Veris Room Sensors are packed with various features and upgrades that will help maintain a reliable environment for your building to thrive.  The first phase of products for CO2, Humidity, and Temperature are available now with additional options to follow in November.

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Smarter, Better, More Efficient Room Sensors

With the new Veris Room Sensors, you’ll be able to measure CO2, VOC, RH (available in November), or temperature from a single-sensor platform designed to accommodate a range of needs and applications, from retrofit to new construction. The new room sensors include the following models and series’:

  • Air Quality Sensors: CW2, CWE2*, CWV2*
  • Humidity Sensors: HW2 Series
  • Temperature Sensors: TW2 Series

*The CWE2 and CWV2 will launch in November 2020. All other models are available now!

Multiple Sensor Configurations and Interfaces

The new Veris Room Sensors come with a variety of configurations to help you seamlessly manage your building. Choose a single sensor to measure CO2, VOC, RH, or Temperature, or measure all four simultaneously.

Veris is committed to providing air quality, temperature, and humidity sensors that offer the flexibility you want. These new room sensors are also available in three different user interfaces: a color touchscreen, a non-display option, and a standard LCD option (available in November).

Flexible Functionality and Easy Serviceability

Your sensor platform should make things easier for you, not harder, so this new set of sensors is designed to accept 4 to 20mA, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, resistive temperature, BACnet MSTP, or Modbus RTU. With this kind of flexibility and compatibility, each of these new room sensors can connect with any BAS controller on the market.

That’s not the only area where these sensors are flexible. The new Veris Room Sensors also come in both economy and value models, so you can find a sensor that fits your budget and your management needs. You could opt for the CWE2 two-wire economy CO2 sensor, or you could pick up the CWV2 ultra-low-cost CO2 sensor for bid-spec applications. Whatever your budget, Veris has a product for you.

The benefits don’t stop there, either. These sensors can also be easily serviced in the field, thanks to the replaceable RH elements (on sale in November) available in 1% and 2% with NIST certification and 2% without certificate.

If you’re ready to take your sensor platform to a whole new level of functionality and adaptability, contact the Veris sales team today! We are standing by to help you identify, purchase, and implement the best product for your needs.

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