New DIN Rail Power Meter (E71) From Veris

Posted on Tuesday Feb 08, 2022 at 02:18PM  

Veris is excited to announce the arrival of the ethernet-enabled E71 Series of DIN rail power meters. This new meter from Veris combines performance and affordability in a compact, DIN-mounted package for energy monitoring, multi-tenant metering, and commercial submetering.

Open communication was a top priority for ease-of-use, so the E71 DIN rail meter comes with BACnet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, and SNMP, native on all models. Communicate with the meter easily through Modbus, BACnet, or Ethernet and maintain accurate records of up to 3 years of onboard logging data at a time.

Here are a few other top features you should know about.

Ethernet-Enabled For Simple Installation & Communication

With dual RJ45 Ethernet ports, it’s easy to hook the E71 into Ethernet daisy chains, simplifying installations with additional flexibility. The unit features native support for IPv6 as well as network auto-detection. 

The DIN-mounted form factor is compatible with both LVCTs and Rogowski coils (we have models available for each), so you can use this DIN rail power meter where and how you need it. It’s easy to integrate the E71 into your existing open protocol system with BACnet conformance and industry-standard Modbus mapping. Veris low-voltage CTs are fully compatible with the E71E3.

Advanced Data Collection

Robust data is the name of the game with the E71 Series, which provides feature-rich embedded web pages with real-time meter data displays, including usage peaks and alarm status. The E71 DIN rail meter logs all data in 15-minute increments over a 36-month period, satisfying ASHRAE 90.1 compliance and giving you peace of mind. 

The two digital inputs support status monitoring, pulse counting, multi-tariff and partial resets, along with one relay output for alarm notification. You’ll enjoy accurate three-phase electrical monitoring that meets the ANSI C12.20 0.5% and IEC 61557- 12:2018 Class 0.5S accuracy standards. 

Versatile Applications

Use the E71E3 DIN rail power meter for diverse facility monitoring purposes, including:

  • Energy monitoring in Building Automation Systems (BAS)
  • Renewable energy
  • Commercial submetering
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Cost allocation
  • Multi-tenant metering

The bidirectional monitoring function supports both upstream and downstream power flow — an essential feature for renewable energy applications in modern buildings. And with enhanced cybersecurity, it’s possible to fully configure all network services while adhering to IEC 62443 for reliable cyber threat defense in any application.

Robust Power Supply

The E71 DIN rail power meter can be paired with a separate power supply or purchased as a complete unit. Compatible with all Veris LVCTs, the robust 24Vdc power supply supports up to 600Vac. You can also count on the E71 for reliable emergency power, since the control system provides the capability to switch to and from an emergency power supply without affecting the existing security state or a documented degraded mode.

Available For Purchase 

Call the factory for lead time and for any questions you may have about the capabilities of the E71 series DIN rail power meter from Veris

Our advanced DIN-mounted meter is ready to enhance your facility’s data logging and data security with an easy-to-use, easy-to-install digital energy monitoring solution.

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