Power Monitoring for Data Center Infrastructure Management

Posted on Tuesday May 16, 2023 at 09:52AM  


Power management solutions are invaluable when undergoing the construction of data center infrastructure or retrofit projects. You may be expanding your existing structure to add more computing components such as servers, security systems, and networking equipment as well as non-computing components such as cooling devices and server racks.

When working on new construction or retrofits, power consumption can fluctuate when pulled from panelboards and remote power panels (RPPs). Due to this dynamic load, the existing power resources may not provide enough energy for all the data center equipment. Using a power monitoring system for data center infrastructure management (DCIM) allows you to better understand and address the energy usage of your equipment.

Importance of DCIM Power Monitoring

Monitoring the infrastructure ensures that critical mission equipment continues to function optimally. A power meter can allow you to figure out which equipment is consuming more power than others, if the power consumption is excessive, or if there may be an issue where a malfunctioning piece of equipment is running slower than normal.

You can also perform energy monitoring to understand your current power usage to figure out whether you have to change your present power supply. Knowing what your present power usage is, and the amount of new equipment you will need to install, allows you to purchase additional panelboard and RPPS as well as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units for protection. You can better manage your entire data center.

Power Meter Monitoring for New Construction

New construction projects for data centers can consume large amounts of electricity. This power consumption can happen in spurts, which can damage sensitive equipment that needs more stable power sources. Seeing how and why the equipment is consuming more energy at certain times of the day requires real-time energy information delivered quickly to the engineer and workers.

For panelboard monitoring, the E30 Series energy monitor is a cost-effective solution that provides real-time information instantly. The monitor works for both panelboards as well as RPP units to provide revenue-grade accuracy for the power distribution unit (PDU). The E30 series is ideal when the data center infrastructure experiences dynamic loads and when monitoring high-density breaker panels. It can monitor 50 mA up to 100 A dynamic ranges.

The monitor allows for easy installation using solid core branch strips. Quickly install the monitor to identify load inefficiencies.

Energy Meter for Retrofit Projects

Retrofitting data center equipment allows you to make repairs to components that have experienced wear and tear as well as upgrade systems. These retrofit projects will not completely replace existing equipment. They will only repair and update certain systems.

When upgrading equipment, the new components can cause more power to be drawn from panelboards and RPPs. Other retrofitted equipment may take the place of several pieces of equipment, allowing you to consolidate the number of panelboards that are needed. The E31 series power monitoring system for data center infrastructures allows you to monitor the entire panelboard just through a single device.

With the choice of 4, 8, 14, or 28 3-phase meters as well as configurable for any 1-phase, 2-phase, or 3-phase combinations, you gain revenue-grade accuracy. The energy meter allows you to avoid early wear-and-tear of infrastructure equipment by identifying load inefficiencies. It can support dynamic load ranges from 50 mA up to 100 A. Another great feature of the monitor involves reassigning channels when necessary as you can monitor up to 92 circuits per unit.

Multi-Circuit Monitoring for All PDUs

Monitoring each phase meter with individual power meters can take up free space that may be limited in the data center. You also increase the energy usage in the data center by using so many meters. Instead, multi-circuit metering consolidates the number of meters you need into a single monitoring device.

The E34 series multi-circuit meter can monitor the energy loads of every PDU just through this equipment. You can place 28 3-phase meters to gain overload protection, load balancing, load-based cost allocation, and other energy management features. The power meter helps to lower both installation and equipment costs, keeping your data center within budgetary requirements.

You gain common voltage inputs/outputs along with a communication interface that easily measures the power, voltage, and energy consumption for circuits. Obtain a 2-board configuration for the 28 3-phase circuits. You are also able to reconfigure the channels when dealing with neutral currents so you can continue to monitor energy usage.

Energy Monitoring Made Simple

When dealing with complex data centers, you need simple power monitoring solutions that are affordable. Power meters from Veris allow you to monitor panelboards, RPPs, and other electricity-controlling devices for better data center infrastructure management. Shop now.

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