Single Device Power Monitoring With the E50H2 Power Meter

Posted on Tuesday May 17, 2022 at 08:00AM  

The advanced E50H2 power meter from Veris blends exceptional performance, easy installation, and a cost-effective solution into a single power monitoring device for all of your energy measurement needs.

One Power Monitoring Device, Many Applications

The E50H2 power meter is a one-stop solution for measuring energy data with a single device. Leverage flexible system integrations — Modbus, LON, and BACnet output models are all available — to suit your system’s unique needs. This swiss-army-knife power meter combines serial communication, one pulse output, and one phase loss alarm output so that you can configure it for a wide variety of energy management applications. The additional pulse input on the E50H2 offers an easy way to incorporate simple flow sensors to track gas, water, steam, or other energy forms.

E50H2 Applications:

  • Energy monitoring in building automation systems
  • Renewable energy 
  • Energy management 
  • Commercial sub-metering 
  • Industrial monitoring 
  • Cost allocation

Easy Installation

Simply install the E50H2 on a standard T35  DIN rail (according to EN 50022) or screw mount it on another surface, at your option, with any orientation over the entire ambient temperature range. Because it’s not sensitive to CT orientation, the E50H2 eliminates installation errors and allows for unique placements.

High-Reliability Measurements

Facility administrators count on the E50H2 for revenue-grade measurements that meet ANSI C12.20 Class 0.02 standards as well as IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S with its demonstrated 0.2% accuracy. Track all energy data with confidence and precision, ensuring your accuracy in billing and crediting.

View Outputs On the Spot

The LCD screen on the E50H2 faceplate allows for instant output viewing right where the power monitoring device is mounted. Collect data and control the device through your building management system or on the spot, whatever is most convenient.

Wide CT Compatibility

Inputs include control power, CT, and 3-phase voltage. The E50H2 is compatible with wide-ranging CTs all the way from 5 to 32000 A.

Advanced Models Available (E50H5, E51 models)

The E5x Series DIN rail meters from Veris include options for even more diverse solutions. Consider the E50H5, with built-in data logging capabilities and two pulse contact inputs, to protect your data in the event of a communication or power failure elsewhere in the system.

The E51 models add a bi-directional monitoring feature that suits them perfectly for renewable energy applications. This feature was expressly designed for the measurement of imported power from the utility grid as well as exported power from renewable energy sources such as solar panels. Alternatively, you could deploy the E51 to monitor loads that use regenerative braking.

Explore Your Options With Veris

Get a closer look at the E50H5 on the datasheet or in our complete installation guide. Have questions? Veris sensor experts are ready to chat with you and find the precise model and configuration for your power monitoring application. Schedule a virtual meeting to get the answers you need in a quick, convenient online format.


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