Upgrades to the Veris HW Series of Indoor Humidity Sensors

Posted on Friday Feb 19, 2021 at 12:22PM  

Our new and improved suite of humidity sensors—the Veris HW2 Series—is a state of the art new lineup with smarter technology, touch screen displays, flexible interface configurations, and iterations to fit a variety of price ranges.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features and benefits that make the new HW2 wall humidity sensors an ideal climate monitoring solution for your facility’s BAS.

New Technology for New Cost Savings

Using the latest technology, the HW2 Humidity Sensor allows for minimization of reduced manufacturing cost which is passed on to the end user. 

Field-Replaceable Protection for Humidity-Sensitive Locations

You can be sure that the best humidity and temperature sensing technology has your back in sensitive climate environments such as museums, printing shops, schools, and more. All of our trusted HW2 sensors facilitate ASHRAE compliance and are field-replaceable for minimized downtime. It’s critical in facilities with delicate materials—or where the comfort of hundreds hangs in the balance—that you can count on your humidity monitoring solution to function day in and day and, and alert you at the first sign of an issue. Veris is trusted for quality and reliability.

A Combined RH & Temperature Platform

Our updated HW2 sensors can be fitted to sense both temperature and humidity, at your option, for a combined set of indicators from a single device. Veris provides a simple, unified sensor platform that installs quickly and accommodates broad needs and applications, all the way from retrofits of old buildings to brand new construction.

Veris manufactures versatile sensor units that help you to maintain consistent, compliant results from targeted locations across RH, temperature, and other air quality indicators (such as CO2 or VOC) a la carte or simultaneously, according to the specific needs of your facility. With our all-in-one technology platform, you can seamlessly monitor your building’s environment and manage it for maximum performance.

Superior Accuracy and Sensitivity

The Veris HW2 series provides superior accuracy and sensitivity across multiple indicators compared to competing wall-mounted humidity sensors. The impressive measurement resolutions offered by these sensors include:

  • 0.1 ℃ (0.1℉) for Temperature 
  • 0.1% RH for Humidity

The highly precise measurements of these instruments are also supported by reliable accuracy ratings, including:

  • ±0.2 ℃ for Temperature
  • ±2% (from 10 to 80% RH @ 25 ℃ or 77 ℉) for Humidity (with the option of ±1% or NIST certificates with replaceable element)

You can rest assured that the Veris HW2 sensors are continuously monitoring humidity with advanced precision to keep building occupants comfortable, amass high quality data models, and help you optimize the environment for humidity-sensitive materials.

Touchscreen, LCD, and Blank Interface Options

The HW2 models are highly flexible, and can be outfitted with one of three interfaces of your choice. Select from  color touchscreen for high-detail control, a standard segmented LCD option with 3 buttons for cost-effective and efficient management, or a non-display option for sleek and discrete wall humidity sensors that will be unobtrusive but valuable in any room.  Every interface features the same superior level of accuracy and sensitivity—the only difference is your preferred method for using the device.

Make Humidity Control Easy With Veris

The versatility and reliability of the updated HW2 sensor line goes all the way down to their accepted inputs. Whether you need 4 to 20mA, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, resistive temperature, BACnet MSTP, or Modbus RTU, Veris offers sensors that will be compatible with your existing BAS controller.  Select from a range of economy and value models to find the perfect sensor for your budget and building management needs.

View a detailed datasheet here or contact us today for more information about these upgraded, second generation humidity sensors. We’re always available to discuss the full range of options and capabilities and help you make decisions about your order.

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