Veris’ 5 Best Tools to Monitor Indoor Air Quality

Posted on Monday May 23, 2022 at 08:00AM  

The last few years have marked a major turning point in your responsibility to monitor indoor air quality. Large scale regulatory and funding changes are incentivizing investments in the best air quality monitors, sensor systems, and other HVAC upgrades at a level that’s never been seen before. 

The U.S. government has planned a renewed focus on indoor air quality in its latest efforts to protect public health. This includes landmark stimulus funding for modernizing HVAC and other building systems in K-12 schools. Meanwhile, the EPA has issued its Clean Air in Buildings Challenge to promote a 3-page list of top IAQ priorities.

If you’re looking for the best indoor air quality monitoring solutions, Veris has you covered. Here are our five top tools for cost-effective, smart IAQ management:

TW2 Series Temperature Sensors

Temperature is more than a matter of comfort (although that certainly does matter). Temperature-sensitive environments — such as hospitals, schools, scientific facilities, data centers, nursing homes, and more — call for close monitoring of indoor temperature to protect the equipment, animals, and/or occupants inside of the facility.

The best temperature monitoring solutions won’t require constant adjustments of the thermostat. Our TW2 Series of wall-mounted indoor temperature sensors can help you with autonomously controlling your HVAC systems to cool or heat a space as needed. Save on costs and simplify temperature control with Veris sensors.

HW2 Series Humidity Sensors

Don’t overlook humidity sensors as you plan your improvements to IAQ. Our HW2 Series of humidity sensors allows you to carefully monitor relative humidity (RH) as well as temperature in a combined platform. 

Precise and consistent control of humidity management systems will help you maintain a comfortable atmosphere and protect sensitive spaces such as print shops, libraries, pet stores, and gymnasiums.

CW2 Series CO2 Sensors

The upgraded CW2 Series is an all-in-one tool to monitor indoor air quality across temperature, humidity, CO2, and VOCs. Simultaneous installation of all four IAQ sensing capabilities streamlines setup and ensures consistent, compliant results.

We’re also beginning to see requirements for a visual indication of CO2 levels in a room. The CW2 series includes our “stoplight” feature, which gives a color-coded visual alert when action should be taken to improve ventilation.

PX3 Pressure Sensors

Air pressure is a frequently overlooked metric in efforts to monitor indoor air quality, but it can be equally important to IAQ success. In general, positive pressure indicates that you’re keeping hot air outside the building (important in hot months), and negative pressure shows that warmer air is being held inside the structure (important in colder seasons).

Our PX3 pressure transducer helps you to track air pressure and velocity with high accuracy in a convenient, remote fashion. The PX3 is blue-tooth enabled, allowing you to monitor air quality and pressure from the palm of your hand with the Veris Sensors app.

Viconics Room Controllers

Need a cost-effective IAQ room controller that makes the most of existing resources? Viconics room controllers are fast to install, easy to operate, and simple to scale in both retrofits and new construction. Install them with existing wiring or connect them wirelessly, as needed. 

We highly recommend using Viconics products alongside Veris sensors for superior results. Our full lineup of Viconics controllers, accessories, adapters, and remote sensors bridge the gap between the simplicity of a stand-alone thermostat and the sophistication of a high-performance BMS system. Go with Viconics to save energy and eliminate extra work.

The five tools described above are an ideal starting point in your efforts to modernize IAQ in your building. Have questions or need help? Veris experts are available to talk! Schedule a virtual meeting to get the answers you need and identify the right tools to monitor indoor air quality in your facility.

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