Viconics Spotlight — Key Applications and Key Offers

Posted on Thursday Feb 10, 2022 at 01:04PM  

Viconics room controllers, accessories, adapters, and remote sensors bridge the gap between the simplicity of a stand-alone thermostat and the sophistication of a high-performance BMS  system.

Use Viconics products alongside Veris sensors to maximize resource efficiency. These cost-effective controllers are easy to install, commission, operate, and scale in both retrofits and new construction projects. Your facility can save energy while eliminating unnecessary work. 

Key Applications

From schedule management tools to occupancy detection, wi-fi connectivity, and on-board control sequences (customized to each application), Viconics gives you much more than just a thermostat. Use Viconics Room Controllers to communicate with virtually all critical units within your facility's HVAC system.

Here’s what’s in store for the industries and use cases served by Viconics room controllers.

Industry Applications:

  • Commercial — Save costs and energy while providing a comfortable environment for maximum productivity. Set a schedule, detect occupancy, and make adjustments to match your specific energy conservation needs. Installation requires minimal interruption of operations and can use existing wiring.
  • Retail — Viconics provides a big boost to operational efficiency. As a stand-alone device, Viconics can simplify building management at an ever-changing and reconfiguring location. Achieve optimal control without the hassle.
  • Healthcare — Gain full room control of your environment, whether it’s a patient room, waiting room, or anywhere within your facility. Our Room Controllers give you the flexibility to customize and configure based on your needs.
  • Hotels — Check in to comfort. Check out the savings. The intuitive (and attractive) Viconics interface makes it easy for guests to control their own environments. Touchscreen models are highly customizable to maximize your branding and desired color palette. Optional occupancy sensors and simple programming ensure efficiency in between guest stays. 
  • Education — Viconics can serve a one-building primary school or entire college campus with scalable, unified control. Take command of efficient energy management through unoccupied periods and provide optimal environments for a variety of building purposes.
  • Military — Aging military facilities are eyeing net-zero energy consumption by 2030. Viconics is perfect for fast, efficient retrofits with pre-existing control wiring. You’ll also solve multiple retrofit needs at once with a combination of temperature, humidity, and occupancy sensors in a single package.

Equipment Applications:

  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) units: Easy to implement, with the advanced features and monitoring functions a modern BMS demands. Additional flexibility and energy savings can be achieved with optional wireless door, window, motion, and water leak sensors. 
    • Viconics Models: VZ8250, VT7200
  • Fan coil, three-speed fan: Application-specific control for low-voltage and mixed-voltage fan coil units with multiple fan speed, heating, and cooling staging configurations. 
    • Viconics Models: VT 7300, VTR7300
  • Line Voltage Fan Coil Units: Use alongside a VC3000 Relay Pack for two pipe, four pipe, and ECM fan control.
    • Viconics Models: VZ8250, VT8350
  • Low & Mixed Voltage Fan Coil Units: Easily integrated into most building management systems, these controllers require VC1300/VC2300 relay packs for mixed-voltage fan coil units.
    • Viconics Models: VT8350, VT7300, VTR7300
  • Zone Control: Viconics Models: Control reheat, induction units, chilled beam, underfloor heating, and perimeter radiant heat.
    • Viconics Models: VT8350, VT7200, VT 7300, VTR7300
  • Rooftop Units / Heat Pumps: The VT8650 is perfect for economizers and configurable stages (1 heat/1 cool, 2 heat/2 cool, Modulation heat/2 cool, 3 heat/2cool). The VT600 handles rooftop or heat pump units in addition to humidification and dehumidification with several stage configurations.
    • Viconics Models: VT8650, VT7600
  • Indoor Air Quality Systems: CO2 sensor inputs and fresh air station inputs can be combined with humidity and temperature sensing capabilities.
    • Viconics Models: VT8650

Key Offers

The VT8000 and VT7000 series room controllers from Viconics simplify installation, commissioning, and operation to get energy and comfort under control. With more than 15 models to choose from, in addition to accessories, adapters, remote sensors, and more, Viconics has a solution for your needs.

Need a cost-effective retrofit? Looking for a digital, stand-alone (or communicating) room controller? The VT7000 series makes it as easy and cost-effective as possible.

If you want to take advantage of a sleek, modern, and versatile color touchscreen for a balance of simplicity and sophistication, the VT8000 series gives you customizable power.


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