NEW Release: HVAC Valves and Actuators at Veris

Posted on Wednesday Mar 20, 2024 at 12:00AM  

At Veris, we're excited to announce the soon-to-come launch of our first-in-category Veris-branded valves and actuators. What makes Veris-branded valves and actuators so impressive? We're glad you asked.

VB2 Series Ball Valves

The VB2 Series ball valves are designed to be used in closed-loop HVAC hydropic heating and cooling systems. These systems require precise, continuous control, so these valves are essential.

Each modulating control valve can be used with thermostats or BAS, and it's able to help control fluids across multiple applications. In fact, some of the best applications for the VB2 Series ball valves include:

  • Fan coil units
  • Radiant applications
  • Baseboard heating
  • VAV boxes

Of course, there are other ball valves on the market. So, what makes these different?

Our one-of-a-kind VB2 Series ball valves:

  • Are easy to install. They have a one-handed, removable actuator that lets the valve be installed independently of the actuator. There is no need for linkages or calibration.
  • Have a manual override lever. The manual override lever allows you to flush a system without power.
  • Live a long life. Each valve has a robust, quiet, synchronous motor that runs consistently and persistently.
  • Have equal percentage flow. The valves provide for accurate linear heating or cooling coil output and better efficiency.
  • Are easy to maintain. Simply remove the actuator when it needs to be replaced — there is no need to remove the valve from the system.

As you can see, these ball valves are an excellent choice to help save time and money while maintaining an efficient system.

Our second series to release is the VZ2 Series.

The VZ2 Series Zone Valves are actuated control valves designed for closed-loop HVAC hydropic heating and cooling systems. These two-position spring return valves can be used with thermostats or BAS to control fluid flow.

Some of the applications for these valves include:

  • In fan coil units
  • For radiant applications
  • For baseboard heating

Like the VB2 Series ball valves, there are several important reasons to invest in these valves.

  1. They're easy to install. They also retain a one-handed, removable actuator that lets you install the valves independently of the actuator.
  2. They have easy maintenance. You can remove the actuator without removing the valve. Valve replacement is simpler, too, thanks to the inverted flare valve option.
  3. They have a long life. They have a robust, quiet, synchronous motor that allows them to keep running long past competitor specs.

These products have earned our seal of approval. Ready to learn more?

Contact Veris

We are excited to launch these new valves and products on Friday, March 22. You can be among the first to install these excellent products.

Our team is here and ready to chat — contact us to book a virtual lunch-and-learn meeting with a Veris HVAC sensor expert. We're here to help you find the right products to make your HVAC systems more efficient and your work easier.

Schedule a meeting today. And, if you're ready to buy, head to our site to check out all of our products.


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