The Future of HVAC Building Automation & Reliable Building Control

Posted on Wednesday Sep 06, 2023 at 04:33PM  


Digital tools have entered the mainstream in every industry, and HVAC is no different. Modern digital solutions provide engineers, building owners, and others with critical insights from remote locations and make every aspect of running HVAC systems more efficient.

Although these tools were not a necessity in the past, the measurable perks of automation have made them essential to efficiency in the modern environment. For reliable, around-the-clock building control, HVAC building automation is the way of the future. 

Read on to learn how advanced digital systems save time, energy, and costs to help your operation thrive for years to come.

The Changing Nature of HVAC in the Digital Era

Current HVAC technology trends show a fast-moving environment saddled with one of the greatest challenges for building management in recent history: flexible work.

The growth of the remote workforce, hybrid schedules, and flexible working hours have complicated the wisdom of traditional 9-5 building management. Offices may have unpredictable attendance or be closed on certain days of the week, and HVAC outputs must be responsive to maintain energy efficiency and comfort. 

What Digital Tools Do for the HVAC Industry

But there are benefits for HVAC management, too. Today, remote work is possible even among HVAC engineers. Diagnostic tasks can be performed remotely, and real-time data is always coming in from automated tech.

This paves the way for more efficient fault diagnosis and repair. With automated tools, it's much easier for engineers to know what's wrong and to be sure that they or technicians have the tools and supplies needed to make necessary repairs. That means no more unnecessary repeat trips to fix a fault.

The implementation of controls that connect as IoT solutions means that engineers can also get data from multiple sources delivered to them in simple, efficient language.

There are other perks to the increase in automation and remote access, such as:

  • Reduced need for on-site visits and improved preventative maintenance
  • Real-time data analysis and trend tracking for more efficient operations
  • The opportunity for engineers to develop specialized educations and roles in the industry
  • The rise of sensors that track air quality and other controls on their own, in real-time

Learning how to use, fix, and implement this technology can help today's engineers thrive as they move forward in a data-enabled future.

Learn More About Air Quality in a New Digital Age With Veris

From temperature sensors that help monitor when spaces are too hot or too cold to indoor air quality monitors that do it all, you have options when you work with air quality and HVAC systems. You have the option of taking part in new HVAC technology trends and being active by harnessing the power of future HVAC technology as it's released. For more information on the HVAC digital transformation and new HVAC control technology, we're here to help.

At Veris, we know that the changes in HVAC building automation can be a help in maintaining better air quality controls. However, engineers still need the right tools to get the job done. For more information on indoor air quality monitors and the tools that are most effective, schedule a virtual meeting with our team today.

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