7 Reliable Products For an Efficient Building Energy Management System

Posted on Tuesday Jan 17, 2023 at 08:45AM  


Tired of unreliable and inefficient building energy management systems? Frustrated with the high cost of energy bills, as well as the time it takes to maintain constantly fluctuating building temperatures?

Fortunately, there are several reliable and effective products available on the market that’ll make your building energy management system more efficient and cost-effective. With tried-and-tested solutions to big and small energy problems, you can be sure that your building's energy system is running like a well-oiled machine – one with minimal stress and strain on your wallet.

Now more than ever, taking advantage of reliable products that can help you build an efficient energy management system for your building is paramount.

What is an Efficient Building Energy Management System (BEMS)?

An efficient Building Energy Management System (BEMS), with tools such as multi-circuit power meters and other devices, is a vital tool for energy-conscious businesses, allowing companies to monitor and manage their energy usage in real time. Doing so allows organizations to accurately track energy consumption patterns and identify areas where they can reduce energy use.

By having visibility over their total energy costs, businesses can make informed decisions that assist in reducing their overall energy bills and contribute towards a more sustainable future.

The most efficient BEMS systems are tailored to a company’s individual needs. These systems can monitor temperatures in various areas of the building; flag when expensive equipment is not being used efficiently; schedule maintenance operations and repairs; and alert managers whenever energy usage has exceeded set limits. Through proactive monitoring, businesses can stay ahead of potentially costly issues while better managing their resources.

Listing 7 Reliable Products for Efficient Building Management

If you’re aspiring to achieve Green Building Certification or LEED Certification, using these products can help you obtain more efficient energy management in your buildings. Here are some of the most reliable products for energy-efficient building management.

1. Automated Airflow Measurement Systems

This innovative technology is designed to reduce energy consumption by precisely measuring and regulating the amount of air moving through your building. It's like having the perfect thermostat – one that quickly learns temperature preferences anticipates activity and adjusts accordingly. With automated scheduling, you can rest assured that costs will stay low while energy efficiency improves.

2. Smart Building Sensors

When it comes to energy efficiency, smart building sensors are the answer. Not only do they constantly monitor changing conditions within your building, but they can also make intelligent decisions to reduce your energy consumption. Smart building sensors detect changes like occupancy, temperature, lighting levels, and air quality; and use data-driven algorithms to optimize your energy consumption and save money.

3. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Products

We know that clean air is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and productive work environment, but did you know that in some spaces, indoor air can be even more polluted than outdoor air? Low indoor air quality (IAQ) can lead to numerous health issues, such as headaches, asthma, and allergies. That's why it's so important to invest in IAQ products for your organization’s locations. IAQ products help to monitor and improve the air you breathe inside your building. Sensors measure pollutants and allergens in the air - like carbon monoxide, pollen, and smoke.

4. Occupancy Sensors

When implemented, occupancy sensors help detect the presence of people in places such as classrooms, meeting spaces, and other areas and can improve energy efficiency by reducing power demands when spaces aren’t utilized. Whether it's a classroom, auditorium, or conference room, these motion-sensing devices can detect when people are present and adjust lighting and climate control accordingly.

5. Climate Control Solutions

Automatically adjust the temperature, ventilation, and humidity to optimize efficiency without sacrificing comfort levels. This type of advanced system can customize the temperature, ventilation, and humidity levels for each area of your building. Never again worry whether you set the thermostat right.

6. Cost-Effective Insulation Products

Minimize external environmental conditions while strategically using insulation materials to reduce energy loss. With strategically designed insulation products, you can minimize external environmental conditions and help reduce the amount of energy lost in your space. Controlling the temperature inside your building can reduce heating and cooling costs, saving money in the long run.

7. Power Monitoring Devices & Energy Meters

By collecting data regarding energy power usage with advanced power meters, you're taking the first steps to becoming more efficient and cost-effective with your energy costs. Say goodbye to wasteful practices and hello to a new way of thinking about energy use. Power monitoring devices and the use of an energy consumption meter or smart energy meter can provide up-to-date information that is easy to understand and use to take control of your energy usage. Taking advantage of energy meters as well as all of this technology now means you'll be able to save money today and over time.

Veris Can Help You Integrate These Products Today for Efficient Building Energy Management

By implementing a reliable building energy management system with smart building sensors, indoor air quality products, climate control solutions, occupancy sensors, power monitoring devices, and more, you are not only saving money on your energy bill but also contributing to the well-being of yourself, your employees or customers, as well as the planet.

Investing in these products is not only a wise business decision, but it's a moral imperative that we all must answer to. Help make our world a better place today by investing in an efficient building energy management system and taking advantage of new technologies to save energy in the long run within your organization.

By working with Veris, you can get reliable products and access to a network of sales reps in your area who can help you implement your system quickly and easily. No matter where you are, you know that you have the support and peace of mind needed to make sure your project runs smoothly.

Shop Veris products today and start creating an efficient building energy management system that stands the test of time.New call-to-action


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