PX3 Bluetooth Capabilities and the Veris Sensors App

Posted on Tuesday Jan 25, 2022 at 02:54PM  

With a simple flip of a switch, the new PX3 Series transducer from Veris offers your choice of air pressure or velocity measurements — now with wireless Bluetooth capabilities.

Parameters are field configurable and suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Building/room pressure
  • Duct static pressure
  • Differential pressure
  • Filter status
  • Airflow measurement and velocity monitoring
  • Duct, panel, or universal configurations

Bluetooth® Enabled With the Veris Sensors App

This innovative Bluetooth transducer is easy to configure and control from the palm of your hand. A simple Veris mobile application allows you to create, select, and store parameters remotely using a tablet or smartphone. Trend logging functions provide critical data for troubleshooting and saved parameters ensure that everything is properly configured with no callbacks.

A Bluetooth-enabled differential pressure transducer of this quality — paired with a custom-designed companion mobile app — streamlines measurements and monitoring of critical building systems.

5 Benefits of the PX3 Bluetooth Pressure Transducer

Wireless Configuration

Ditch the ladder and access your pressure and air velocity measurement instruments from where you stand with wireless transducer control. No more climbing up and down for duct mount applications. The user-friendly Veris Sensors App keeps you connected via Bluetooth wireless technology.

Optional Display Panel

All variations of the PX3 Series are available with and without a display panel. Control your pressure and velocity transducer entirely from a distance with the Bluetooth-enabled Veris Sensors App, or monitor it up close in the field with a durable LCD display.

Industry-Leading Accuracy

This high-accuracy digital sensor offers multiple precise pressure and velocity measurement options:  

  • Duct and panel models: 0-1 in. WC / 0-3,000 ft/min or 1-10 in. WC / 3,000-6,000 ft/min with four field-selectable subranges
  • Universal model: 0-10 in. WC / 0-7,000 ft/min with seven field-selectable sub-ranges for pressure and eight for velocity

The PX3 Bluetooth pressure and velocity transducer will maintain perfect calibration and reduce callbacks, ensuring a reliable measurement system.

Durable For Fewer Field Failures

The PX3 features superb tolerance to overpressure and vibration, minimizing field failures. Meanwhile, the water-resistant IP65/NEMA 4 housing allows for mounting in wash-down locations and circuit protection mitigates the risk of damage from incorrect input wiring. Our high-reliability sensor technology gives you the peace of mind you need for long-term, maintenance-free operation.

Available Velocity Accessories

For velocity applications, consider our VFXP Series air velocity/measurement probe or the AA18, AA19, or AA20 velocity pitot tubes. These convenient and fully compatible accessories are sold separately and only for use with the PX3P (panel) and PX3U (universal) models when used in velocity mode.

Now Available From Veris

Shop now and streamline field measurements by ordering your Bluetooth-enabled PX3 air velocity and differential pressure transducer today. Get started with the Veris Sensors App by downloading it through the iOS App Store or Google Play™ Store on the smart device you’d like to use.

Looking for more information? Explore our user guides and datasheet here or contact a Veris rep today for fast answers to your questions.

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